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3dR is passionate about service. We are committed to our product and our clients, doing whatever we can to ensure your event runs smoothly.

What customers have said about us

The following customers have been kind enough to write about their experiences working with 3dR.

Adelaide Fringe Festival

“3dResourcing has been providing ticketing and registration system services to the Adelaide Fringe Festival since 2003. Of key importance is the ongoing customisation and tailoring of these systems, which has supported our evolution from a biennial to annual festival and our significant growth in registrations and ticket sales each year.

Derek Lavine has the depth of expertise and intuition to apply creative solutions that ensure the registration and ticketing systems keep pace with and surpass competitors.

During key operations periods, 3dR are accessible and offer quality, reliable service at all hours, which is crucial for the running of a festival of our size. 3dR is a valued member of our Fringe family and we are confident that our partnership contributes to our mission, to be the leading open-access arts festival in the world.

- Michelle Wigg, Artist Services Manager, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Kop Hill Climb

"Dealing with nearly 400* [paper based] registrations was never an easy task but so much easier now with our new Entrants Registration System..."

Mike Greasby, Entrants/Car Clubs, Kop Hill Climb (UK)
(*2012 - MERS Now handles 800 vehicle registrations across hill runners, display, sponsor and support vehicles. for Kop Hill Climb)


"We’ve been working hand in hand with 3dResourcing since 2007 after first trying three other ticketing software providers. MCA offers a full ticketing agency service for all sorts of theatre and musical groups all over Australia as well as many of the foreign film festivals in Sydney. The needs of the film festivals are quite unique in that they require their patrons to be able to book film passes online and by telephone for different films across many different venues, none of the other software companies could provide the software to handle this scenario until we switched to 3dResourcing and we have never looked back.

From day one the 3dR experience was completely different to other companies in that almost anything that we required was possible (given time and money of course) without having to put our request in writing to be forwarded to the USA or the UK and put in a queue for review during their next upgrade. Many of our smaller requirements have been handled in a simple phone call on the spot, which is why we are so happy with the service provided by 3dR.

The ongoing support has been tremendous especially as we have shows, events or films on almost 355 days a year means that we sometimes require round the clock support and that is preciously what 3dR can provide if required, nothing is ever a problem.

- Karen Peaston, Managing Director, MCA-TIX


I had the pleasure of working with 3dResourcing and Derek during my time as FringeTIX Manager of the Adelaide Fringe, 2013 and 2014. I found Derek and his company to be resourceful, accommodating and understanding of our needs, large or small when it came to all matters of ticketing.

Derek's involvement with this particular festival, which spans multiple years, helped him fully understand our requests and our consistent desire to make things better and try new processes. He never hesitated to think through any proposed changes and come back with a well structured argument for the pros and cons of what we wanted to do and how it would ultimately affect the most important person - the customer buying the tickets

Derek's level of service provision is second to none, he (or a 3dResourcing representative) was always available, any time of the day or night, to assist.

I have to hesitation in recommending 3dResourcing and Derek Lavine.

- Benita Healy, FringeTIX Manager

Wonderland Fun Park and Spiegeltent

3dResouring have been a major part of the Wonderland Fun Park and Spiegeltent growth, ticketing all our major shows and events. 3dResouring also give great customer and technical support. I highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to add ticketing or merchant services to their business.

- Melissa Head, Director Wonderland Fun Park and Spiegeltent (Melbourne)

Bromyard Speed Festival

"Bromyard Speed Festival implemented MERS in 2016 in preparation for our 2017 event. It has saved time and improved the accuracy of our registrations and will be important to us for years to come. Implementation was straightforward and, when needed, the support from Cleartext has been both prompt and effective. Happy to recommend the system for use in similar circumstances.”

- Tony Burt, Director, Bromyard Speed Festival

Feast Festival

"3dR have raised the bar and established a new level of professionalism for the Feast Festival. This happened through the establishment of the Feast Artist Registration System (FARS) and FEASTiX our own in house ticketing system. These 3dR systems save Feast two of the most precious resources in business today, TIME and MONEY; they allow artists and general public to complete a straight forward process (registration or ticket purchase) with very minimal staff TIME required. It saves MONEY because Feast (and the Artists involved in Feast) no longer need to pay the ‘big ticketing guys’ to provide a service that can be more efficiently managed in house as well as providing Feast with the priceless opportunity to interact with our own customers with complete control! There are many other highlights in particular the ‘Front and Back end’ ease of interacting with the systems and ability to constantly monitor sales in real time!

There is no silly question and nothing is too hard for 3dR. Differing from ‘other’ ticket service providers, 3dR is so much more, providing specialised personal service and excellent ongoing support with systems that are constantly being updated, improved and personalised according to your individual needs (without the exorbitant cost that you would expect for that kind of service). The money that is paid to 3dR is well deserved; Feast staff and Board respect and trust 3dR as a company - all that has been experienced from day 1 is complete transparency, honesty and a genuine desire to help make us and other arts organisations a more successful, self sustaining industry – qualities it seems are rarely found in business today"

If you are thinking about engaging 3dResourcing for your business, speaking from experience, you will not be disappointed."

Chelsea Diprose, Coordinator, Feast Festival.