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Hi there again! We've got some exciting news to share with you, read on to see what's happening.

Festival Ramp-up

Busy times ahead for all!  Sydney Fringe have finished registrations, Melbourne Fringe are finishing and Adelaide Fringe and Fringe World will be starting soon.  We’d also like to give a big welcome to Barossa Tourism who have recently come on board. 3dR are looking forward to another exciting year ahead with the team working on a number of projects in our continuous commitment to improving the 3dEventPlatform and the services we bring to you.  

New Staff at 3dR

Phil Wainwright – QA and Documentation

Phil joins us with a business degree coupled with over 25 years of IT related experience, specifically in customer software and hardware support, IT systems implementation and training.

Phil will be responsible for Quality Assurance and Product Management Documentation development, which we believe will be of great benefit to our system users, and in turn, their presenters and patrons.

Once your registration and ticketing system has gone live, Phil will regularly dive into your site as a patron or user to identify any usability or site performance issues. Phil will also investigate the effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction of the 3dR Platform and its components, as it relates to each of our individual partner’s needs.

Plug and Play comes to 3dR

After several months of development, we have now completed a new addition to the 3dSearch component, the 3dSearchJs Plug-in. The addition of this Java Script library takes care of the intercommunication between the search and ticketing components and the inner workings of your website. The benefit to you is that your web developer now needs to create just a few simple lines of Javascript to have integration with the ticketing and registration component of our platform.

Branching Out

3dResourcing Solutions available in the UK - Reviving an old partnership, previously one of rally co-driver and driver, 3dR's Derek Lavine and David Banes of Cleartext Systems in the UK have agreed to work together to bring our unique event management and ticketing platform to the UK festival and events scene. We're looking for referrals into the UK market so if you have any contacts please let us know, we'd love to talk to them.

Dashboard feedback

We are investigating the development of several dashboards to provide near real-time feedback on various aspects of the system. If you would like to have some input into visualisation of data that is important to you, now is the time to provide feedback to [email protected]

Dashboard might include:

  • Registration: Signed up members, events by genre, events paid, incomplete and completed registrations, events by date/time of day etc.
  • Sales: Sales by various break downs, e.g. genre, venue post code, sales location (box office, phone room etc.), date and time.
  • Reports: Which reports are being pulled and utilised by what type of users, when reports are being accessed.
  • Network: Network "map" locations/computers/printers - Activity of box offices sites, sales volumes, printed tickets, scanned tickets - Search: What searches are being performed, what events are being viewed.
Published: May 25th 2020 at 3:10pm

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