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Staging a ticketed event can be simplified when working in partnership with an organisation that tailors ticketing and event management to your needs – allowing you to really run your own show.

FERS Components

The 3dEventPlatform has six core components. Replace your manual, paper-based processes with an online, paperless workflow system. Easily provision and manage venues, events, participants and setup ticketing.


The 3dRegistration component is the backbone to the 3dEventPlatform, it is the place all your festival, event and venue information is maintained.

This component can be used by your staff, your presenters and venue mangers, it is where media members can request access. Basically it is the management portal for your system. It can be highly customised allowing you to capture the information you require.

It is not just a simple information capture point though, 3dRegistration will keep you informed of where your presenters are in their registration process, it will notify presenters and venue managers as different parts of the workflow are actioned, e.g. venue managers can be notified when an event is associated with one of their venues.

3dRegistration can be configured so you are able to permit access to different points of the process at different times of your festival/event cycle. For example allow presenters to enter their own event, sessions times pricing etc, but then lock the system down once your registration period is closed and only permit staff to change details such as session times and pricing.


Reporting is a critical part of any system, we have extensive reports for financials, seat allocations, ticket types, merchandise sold etc.

Reports can also be made available directly to your presenters and venue managers so they can see information relevant to their events and venues. This of course saves your staff time as presenters and venue managers no longer need to ask for reports to be supplied to them.


Tickets, merchandise, vouchers, event registration payments (by presenters) are handled via our 3dSales module. We cater for general admission and reserved seating. The system can pick best available or manual seat selection via a seat plan.

If configured, your presenters are able to allocate comp tickets to their own events and even add or modify certain prices during the event.

We support many different payment types including credit card, cash, cheque, eftpos and deferred payment for placing seats on extended hold.

Media members can access media packs that have been uploaded by your staff or your presenters.

Our merchandise store has basic stock control. Gift cards (vouchers) can be purchased in the shop and these can in turn be used to purchase tickets and other merchandise, great for Christmas and birthday presents.


Printing - traditional hard tickets and [email protected] eTicket printing.


Our 3dScan software runs on your iPhone or iTouch (WiFi required) and is used to scan the QRCodes on the electronic tickets. The device communicates with our servers to ensure the ticket is valid and that it has not been previously scanned.


The 3dSearch engine provides a means to search your database and provides information about matching events, sessions, pricing etc. that is then displayed on your website. This gives the front end developers complete control over layout so that your own look and feel and requirements can be fully implemented.

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